The flywheel effect of a marketing engine.

Have you noticed how engines just keep on going once they're up to speed?  —And very little additional gas is required to maintain it. That's the concept behind a marketing engine. Four stages of a professional relationship.

Know you.

Stage one is all about getting on prospective patients' radar then providing them with enough info and  trustworthiness for them to contact you first.


f the first experience met or exceeded expectations, good for you! You and your team can now expect repeat visits and visits from family members.

Try you.

The second stage is where your practice is evaluated, then tested to see if it truly is worthy of a patient's time, money and especially their trust.

Refer you.

After a successful second visit experience the likely hood of the patient's willingness to provide positive testimonials. ratings and review increases dramatically. Now you're in the zone of self sustaining growth —as long as you keep the marketing engine well maintained and fueled.