Addwater’s marketing system attracts high-payer leads and customers for you

Want to learn to think differently about how to attract and keep the best clients and customers for your business?

"It's already paid off! After completing the course I realized this was the foundation in marketing I'd been looking for."

— Rich Lee |  Principal  |  Rich Lee Creative


Marketing pain

Are you not attracting enough leads to generate good profitability?
Are they not profitable enough to fuel growth?
Does your marketing require too much time and resources?
We help you fix these.


Do you feel stuck on a plateau or in a rut?

Do you struggle to explain the remarkable things your business can do?
Is there not enough time, staff support or budget for really effective marketing?
We show and train business leaders how to think differently and overcome these challenges.


We’ve weathered
stormy times.
Just because the sun is shining on others doesn't mean it is on you too.
The principles we teach are time tested, through challenging periods and other challenges businesses go through.  They're the same ones that helped Apple achieve market dominance and profitability even during the worst recession in decades.
They work because they're based on the most basic and essential principles.


Rob Gemmell

We deliver an unfair advantage.

Addwater is led by Rob Gemmell, former industrial designer and creative director at Apple.


Rob shares the same DNA that spawned Apple’s amazing products, then launched them and built its legendary fan base. —He was fortunate to actually help during its creation.

Rob has been an entrepreneur and run businesses in lifestyle, social media, technology and professional services categories.

Whether the business was selling to consumers or other businesses, he's used the same philosophical and people-focused principles to create loyal customers, clients or patients. He's now perfecting these methods at Addwater.

Rob has also been a consultant to over 150 businesses, large, midsize and small.

Clients have included savvy marketing executives of Fortune 50 companies, mid-size businesses with tiny marketing teams and lot's of small businesses with no marketing staff or skills at all.


—They've all shared one goal, to practice efficient and effective marketing that delivers remarkable results.

Our methods are based on an effective combination of practices that have worked as well for Apple, as well as small businesses with limited resources.

"The course taught me to be way more bold, memorable and iconic. And how to put myself in my customers' shoes. My key takeaway: How to "simplify to intensify!"

— Karen Roche  |  President / COO  |  Streetwise Reports


Learn how to create a uniquely relevant offer.

Course participants learn how to take a single service and turn it into a compelling special offer.


An offer that attracts the right kind of leads, the kind that can lead to a remarkable business transformation.


We show you the exact steps to create the offer and marketing tactics for introducing it with impact.

"The class was awesome at showing me how to arrive at my most accurate and engaging marketing communications."

— Kris Petersen  |  Owner  |  KP Media


We package you for success with a new business perspective that puts you on the path to greater customer loyalty, higher profitability and transformation.

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Learn how to stand out from the crowd today!


We don’t offer a system that guarantees instant success. We don’t believe such systems really work. Instead, we believe in working smart and hard, to uncover new opportunities, to solve real problems, and create lasting value as a result. Everything we present is based on these principles. Our system was created to help clients help their clients, customers and patients. —And in turn, benefit their own businesses.


Any numbers stated, or expectations set, cannot be guaranteed for your business. Your results will be driven by your own choices and efforts.

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