It’s expensive. It often doesn’t work.

And it’s painful to produce.


We agree! But it doesn’t have to be this way.


We fix “marketing” for our clients.

Addwater works with clients to uncover the hidden value in their businesses to uncover new opportunities.


Then we guide the marketing strategy, plan and execution of effective tactics for remarkable results.


We think different.

We help teach clients to think like the marketing experts at Apple do. Then we help them create and rollout the goods.


Most people running businesses aren’t confident in their marketing knowledge. Even marketing people aren’t.

The training we do cures that.

"I'm asked to choose three attributes that 'best describe this service provider'. Honestly, I have to select all the choices because Addwater stepped in and gave me outstanding results."

Jessy Berg, Founder, Habitat Design


Smart marketing is informed with real world analysis.

Most importantly, our system guides you through 3 steps to giving your business a unique and easily sustainable competitive edge.

  1. Revealing what you do best and what’s most valuable

  2. Improving services and marketing with new insights 

  3. Simplifying how you do it while boosting its value


We’ve been in your shoes.

We’ve enjoyed big successesand our share of struggles too.

Our previous businesses are a crazy mixture. Included are ventures from new products and services to online startups, retailing, and professional services. —Lots of professional services.


We've had days when we wondered how we were going to meet payroll, also sleepless nights over marketing and cash flow challenges. We know how that feels.


Somehow, our early experiences with Apple always saved us.

We're very grateful. Now we can share what we've learned with other people and their businesses.


Unique Qualifications.

Early in our founder, Rob Gemmell's career he was a product designer, and then Creative Director at Apple. This was when Apple was still very young and he was privileged to be there and help create the unique marketing style that the phenomenon still uses today. 


He knows how Apple's products are developed. He knows how they're marketed. And he knows how obsessive they are about creating remarkable customer experiences.


Rob also knows how to apply Apple-like thinking to businesses like yours. He’s started and run his own product and service businesses. Plus, Addwater has consulted with over 150 clients, many for over a decade.

"Rob has an uncanny ability to "look inside" a business, dissecting the layers until he uncovers what really makes it tick, and then creating and communicating that message to business owners, partners, associates & customers."

Blaine Transue, CEO, WildFireWeb


We serve motivated clients

Our clients are people with the capabilities to do remarkable things. But they're held back by a lack of marketing knowledge or effective systems to execute them.


They’re hands-on people willing to do the work, and invest in things that accelerate their growth and value.


More precisely, they’re driven, often passionately, to create loyal customers, clients and patients.

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