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Get Your 10-Minute

Website Conversion Checklist.

  • Do you have a high website bounce rate?

  • Are visitors typically gone in 20 seconds or less?

  • Do some prospects spend quality time, but fail to act?

  • Disappointed by conversions to customers?

Answer your own questions.

Uncover the Gaps!

Do Your Own Assesment.

  • A survey of experts’ strategies, tips, and recommendations for top-performing website conversion. 

  • Audience-centric marketing and sales thinking from platforms like HubSpot, and especially Apple. 

  • Our own experience and findings in designing and optimizing a few hundred consumer and business-to-business websites.

The CheckList is based on strategies, findings and lessons from three sources:

What’s Your Need?

Learn Conversion Optimization Basics.

Download a Website Conversion Optimization Checklist and learn.
“We presented Addwater with a challenge, not just on the website but simply developing an easy workflow. They were able to create clarity and simplicity that we didn't even know we were looking for.”

—Jean-Michel Balensi


Balensi Spa

“Excellent and quality work! I have a website that is professional and now very appealing to my business clientele! They were friendly and responsive to whatever I was unsure of, or felt stuck with! I highly recommend them!!!”

—Syreeta Dawkins

Clinical Executive Officer

Teachable Moments Therapy Group

Addwater taught me to be way more bold, memorable, and iconic. And how to put myself into my customers’ shoes. My key takeaway:
How to “simplify to intensify”. 

—Karen Roche


Get Your Conversion Optimization Checklist.

16 essential points for a website self-assessment, plus some important questions and tips.

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