I'm Back: And Adding More Water ;-)

Updated: Jan 26

I've returned to Addwater full time! My trusty partner Max kept things going and clients happy while I joined a fave client, Enjoy.com, for a couple of years. I'm so grateful to Max! More about Enjoy in a post to come.

For today, there's good news for the clients we want to serve.

Wow, a lot has changed!

So, here we are. It's been 19 months since the first stories emerged from China that marked the beginning of the COVID era. A hell of a lot has changed since then, especially in the marketing and retail worlds, whether it's online or brick and mortar.

After assessing the new marketplace and related constraits, we developed a plan to adapt Addwater, and ourselves, to the new world facing all of us. And it's client-based!

Changes at Addwater to help our clients:

  1. Addwater now has combined its branding methods with a select set of online visibility techniques to more efficiently present clients' unique attributes in highly resonant, and memorable ways, to elevate our clients' awareness in the marketplace.

  2. To help clients profit from the big shift to online commerce, we have become official Wix Partners. Wix provides access to, and advanced training on, their performance-improving business and marketing services, including their new, next-generation, website development platform called EditorX. So, we will now have preferential customer support in getting technical issues resolved for our clients, and a more robust marketing platform to work on.

  3. To boost lead generation for clients, and help them maintain customer loyalty, we're elevating our email, marketing automation, and marketing data capabilities. Traditional email and online advertising can only be so effective against sophisticated marketing organizations. Addwater is now adding tools, and knowledge, to do things like automating responses to inquiries, following-up on leads, enabling online bookings, and delivering opportunity reminders to our clients, and their prospective customers alike.

  4. To strengthen customer loyalty for clients, Addwater has simplified and improved its in-house strategy tools and methods. The improved versions more quickly translate ideas into actionable marketing tactics, and are easier for your employees to understand and absorb for use with your customers.

There is no going back.

Aside from my physical return, it's clear that neither Addwater, nor the clients we want to serve, can go back to how we operated before Covid. The good news is two-fold. Change creates opportunities for fast movers to leap ahead of competitors, while cementing customer loyalty. Secondly, Addwater is prepared to help you do so!

Why not rethink your plans today? We'd love to help.

Warm regards,